#Trump2016 Pt. 2

I gave Trump predictions a few months ago. If Super Tuesday results follow recent political trends, which we have no reason to think otherwise, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for the 2016 Presidential Election. Spend a moment thinking about that. I won’t start listing of all the various demographics in various states. There’s too many. There is no one group a finger can be pointed at to blame for this (besides Republicans obviously). But I will offer you one statistic, 2,483,436 were cast for Donald Trump on Super Tuesday. 2.4 million. 2.4 million.

Across 11 states, 2.4 million people voted for Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination. The idea that Donald Trump hasn’t been annihilated by public backlash is embarrassing enough. Trump calls Ted Cruz a pussy and the crowds roar. Trump suggests WAR CRIMES in killing the families of terrorists, the news casters run the clip back hundreds of times across our 24-hour news cycle. Trump refuses to state he does not want the support of white supremacists (the KKK). Leaders of the Republican Party state they do not support white supremacy; Trump threatens them on national television.

I’m standing by the notion that Trump is a paid troll sent to destroy the Republican Party. Nothing else makes sense. Logic is out the window at this point. A candidate in 2016 is using outright xenophobia, racism and has yet to present ONE valid and logical policy on ANYTHING and is leading the GOP in March of an election year. 30 years from now, this election year will be a large section in history books. For what I have no idea, but it will be there. People have stopped laughing. The joke may still be on us, there’s no guarantee Trump can win a general election as he’s already splintered Republicans on both state and national levels. But I wonder who is voting for Trump? It can’t just be everybody’s crazy racist uncle, or dumb backwards cousin. These people are voting in primaries in mass numbers?

Donald Trump may be the next president of the country I will live in for the foreseeable future. He may not be. Regardless, I live in a country where Donald Trump is being legitimately considered as a nominee. A candidate whose entire campaign has been based on mockery of other candidates and hate speech towards black and brown people, women, the LGBTQ community and the physically disabled.

2.4 million.





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