So I haven’t written anything since the police killings a few weeks back, mostly because my laptop broke and I haven’t gotten a new one yet. That should be changing in a week or two here, and it’s given me some time to plot and plan what I want to write about going forward. That being said, I’m going to start writing something every two weeks, every week if time permits, about the events in the news political and social and how they relate to history. History is what I study in school and what I hope to teach, and it’s easily what I’m most knowledgable in. 

I hear that history is doomed to repeat itself all the time, and as a student of history I see it all the time. Repeating mistakes is part of being a human. But we don’t have to repeat every mistake. The more history we learn and understand the more progress we make, the easier it is to skip the fallacies and evasion tactics in our discourses. We say we want solutions, but we only address the fruit coming from the tree and not the tree itself creating social problems.

So that’s the plan going forward. Whenever my laptop comes in I’ll get to writing. 

“How many souls do you touch a day? How many hoes do you fuck a day? How many flows do your thoughts convey? How many know you can’t walk away? Depending on the way I feel I might kill everybody around me, might heal everybody around me, how the wind blow.”

-Kendrick Lamar, Wat’s Wrong