Old Blogs

Year 3 (2018):

Year Two (2017):

Be Humble Black Man – https://wp.me/p6MEF4-5n

An Ode to Bigotry – https://wp.me/p6MEF4-6I

Stop Lying on the Black Dollar – https://wp.me/p6MEF4-6y

The Noname You Need to Know – https://wp.me/p6MEF4-78

Year One (2016):

What Now – https://wp.me/p6MEF4-4Z

Trump’s Rebellion – https://wp.me/p6MEF4-58

Can You Hear Us – https://wp.me/p6MEF4-5d

More Malcolm, than Martin – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-4d

Whitesplaining 101 – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-43

The New Slur – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-3u
My President is Trump – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-3a

#Trump2016 Pt. 2 – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-35

Queen Bey and the BPP – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-2u

The Father of Rock and Roll – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-2k

MLK Day – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-2i

Dr. William H. Cosby Pt. 2 –  http://wp.me/p6MEF4-2c

Dr. William H. Cosby Pt. 1 – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-23

Tears for Tamir Rice – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-1T

#Trump2016 – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-1D

How I Learned To Love My Blackness. And yours. – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-1q

How I learned not to love my blackness. And yours.  – http://wp.me/p6MEF4-A